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Our online point grapher lets you easily plot points and create a point graph or form a line graph by connecting the plotted points in both Cartesian and polar coordinate systems. You can even rotate axes and graph points and create line graphs with the axes intersecting at any angle and in various orientations.

To use our point grapher, simply enter the coordinates of each point, separated by a comma, and separate the points by semicolons. For example, to plot points (1, 2) and (3, 4), enter 1,2; 3,4; (note that parentheses are excluded). You can even use numeric expressions, such as 2/3 + sin(pi/3), for the components of a point.

When graphing points in polar coordinate, our online polar point grapher, enables you to input angular coordinates in various units, including radians, degrees, and grades. Instructions

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  • pi is replaced by π.
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To copy or save graphs right click on the image of a saved graph below and select "Copy image" or "Save image" from the pop-up menu.