MouseMatics: Mouse Operations in Our Graphing Software

The graphing calculator and the graphers, which utilize the most sophisticated Cartesian and polar coordinate systems, allow you to use your mouse to perform unique operations, as outlined below.

How to Rotate Axes

Our graphing software is the world's only calculators that allow rotation of axes. By rotating an axis, you can visualize the graph of a given function, parametric curve, equation, or point set in an oblique (non-perpendicular) coordinate system. You can rotate the axes either by entering data or by using your mouse.

To restore the coordinate system to its normal state press the Reset button (if hidden, press the icon).

How to Change Scales

To change the scale (zoom in one direction), hold down the ctrl key and click on an axis. The point that was clicked will be labelled "1" if clicked on the positive side, or "-1" if clicked on the negative side of the axis; it becomes the new unit for that axis.

How to Translate the Coordinate system

You can move the coordinate system in one of the following ways: