Partial Derivative Calculator | Ordinary & Partial Differentiation

Our partial derivative calculator is a powerful tool for calculating the derivatives of functions with any number of variables. It can calculate ordinary and partial derivatives of any order, and it can handle functions with complex expressions.

To use this partial derivative calculator, simply enter the function F, for example xyz, that you want to differentiate, along with the variable you want to differentiate with respect to, and press the Calculate Derivative button. The calculator will then calculate the ordinary or partial derivative and display the result in a newly added panel.

What is the difference between ordinary and partial derivatives? The key difference lies in the number of independent variables in the function being differentiated. An ordinary derivative is calculated for a single-variable function, while a partial derivative is calculated for a multi-variable function with respect to any of its independent variables.

  • A useful feature of this derivative calculator is that you can also calculate higher-order ordinary or partial derivatives of any derived function with respect to any variable by following the same steps on the relevant panel.

Note:The label, for example, Fxy, represents the partial derivative of the function F with respect to x, followed by y.

To close a panel, simply press the x button.

In addition to calculating partial derivatives, you can also use the derivative graphing calculator to graph the first and second-order derivatives of a single-variable function.

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